Wednesday, November 12, 2014


In continuing with the shift to consistently more fall-appropriate layers, it was time to break out the tweed. As much as the fabric is known for warmth and its association with colder weather, the rougher fabric also brings to mind the struggle for warmth that will occur once the temperatures drop further down again. Even though it's not anywhere near 32 today, I find it more fun to have it and not need it, than to wear it because I'm freezing.

Sport Coat- Ralph Lauren // Chinos- Brooks Brothers // Sunnies- Ray-Ban

Watch-Timex // Rope- Lemon & Line

Tie- Lands' End // Wingtips- Stafford

Shirt- Brooks Brothers

Socks- J. Crew 

Option 2- 11.11.14

For a weary start to this Veterans Day, I opted to jump-start my productivity by throwing on a suit. As much as my consistency in posting may be wavering due to uniform changes at work, a suit will always have the ability to snap me out of any lazy sartorial funk. For today's suit, I opted for another go at my new Indochino suit. Although I purchased it as a 3-piece, the beauty of the trey is that it can be worn in a multitude of ways- together, jacket and pants, or vest and pants. All three are completely doable and even recommended if you need the extra dose of fun in your life.

Suit- Indochino // Socks- Ralph Lauren

Shirt- Brooks Brothers // Tie- J. Crew

Double Monks- Banana Republic


For a sunny day and a brisk night, I decided to opt for a semi-casual combination of winter tones, classics, and warmer layers. With a sport coat, heavier oxford, and flannel trousers, it doesn't matter if the mercury drops a few degrees, I'll be staying warm.

Sport Coat- J. Crew // Trousers- Brooks Brothers // Shirt- Bonobos // Double Monks- Banana Republic // Shades- Warby Parker //

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Long Weekend

Yes, I have been absent for a bit, but when the job that pays the bills and helps you afford your wardrobe demands some time- you must submit. Don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining- I love my job; it only gives me less time to do this. However, life is short, so there's no use complaining.. -suit up and move on with it.

Suit, Shirt, & Tie- Brooks Brothers // Shoes- Banana Republic

Socks- c/o Soxfords