Monday, October 20, 2014


Gone are the days of sun and heat, and into the depths of fall I plunge. For this chilly fall day, #sweaterweather was a must. A light merino goes a long way when it's too chilly for just a shirt, but a jacket would be overkill.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tri-Fabric Autumn

Before things start to get cold and uncomfortable in the cooler months, the first few weeks can be quite light, bright, and warm. Therefore, instead of reaching for such fall/winter staples such as tweed, flannel, and the heavier wools, it always nice to keep a few of the lighter fabrics around like corduroy, denim, and chambray.

Perennially a fall staple- corduroy pants are perfect for when you need something a little heavier than chino. Plus, if you stay on top of things, they will help to guide you into the depths of winter. Chambray may be stuck in your mind as a summer fabric, but try it out in fall and see how useful a lighter layer can be when the fall days turn out to be much hotter than the crisper mornings and evenings can be. Denim is a constant throughout the four seasons, and even though I have still yet to purchase some selvedge- this jacket is perfect for lazy days and transitional months.

Jacket & Shirt- J. Crew // Sunnies- Ray-Ban 

Cords- Brooks Brothers // Shoes- Clark's // Socks- J. Crew

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Playing With the Dark Side

Although I'm not known for the amount of black that I sport, a recent turn of events has cause me to rethink the darker side of the spectrum and the change first started with the purchase of my new suit. No, not this one, I've been sporting this one for quite a while. Anyway, the suit of distinction is my new, custom, black 3-piece suit from Indochino. Although I've yet to receive it (eta: late October...), with a new black suit come the special circumstances of subsequently eliminating any and all navy (and most blues) when it comes to wearing it. In thinking ahead, I went ahead and picked up a few black ties (this and a dotted one).

Suit- Perry Ellis // Monkstraps- Banana Republic // Shirt & Tie- Brooks Brothers // Watch- Invicta //

However, just because black is on the docket- it doesn't mean things have to get boring. It's very easy to spice it up and stray away from the simple black/white or black/white/red combos that most people go for. An easy choice comes in shirting when you sub out the white for a light, powder-blue one. Plus- instead of going for those go-to black dress shoes, a nice light brown suede, gray suede, or burgundy will go quite nicely and add a little sprezz and life to any black getup.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sprezz In Sun

From a cold and rainy yesterday to sunny with a high of 75 today, fall is a fickle creature. While it would certainly be nice if the weather traveled on a more linear pattern with the temperatures dropping day after day and then beginning to rise again in March, such luck is never certain and sunny days are always welcome. However, when presented with such a change, it definitely causes you to seasonally travel a few steps backwards as one day you're reaching for sweaters and waxed cotton and the next is all about not sweating it out. However, with some nice multi-seasonal pieces like this jacket, shirt, and trousers- the change is easy and dressing well was never so easy.

Jacket- J. Crew // Sunnies- Ray-Ban // 

Watch- Timex

Chinos (and OCBD)- Brooks Brothers// Monkstraps- Banana Republic //

Tie- thrifted