Friday, October 24, 2014

Gust Of Wind

Although the rain is gone, there is still a damp chill in the air that says it might rain again. However, even though no rain is predicted the quiet breezes and outright gusts of wind make things seem much more unpredictable and drastic than they really are. However, once you really get out there it's not that bad and it actually is a perfect late October day. 

 Shirt, Pocket Square, & Chinos- Brooks Brothers // Jacket- J. Crew // Monk Straps- Banana Republic

Watch- Invicta // Rope- Lemon & Line 

Tie- Ernest Alexander // Tie Bar- (thrifted) // Pocket Square- Brooks Brothers 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rainy Days

Although rain is more often associated with April showers and May flowers, this past week has brought an over abundance of the wet stuff. Even though it's quite a pleasant background noise to be lazy, watch movies, and fall asleep to- walking around to work and chores brings out a quick discomfort which can only be solved through umbrellas, layering, and my trusty bean boots.

Bean Boots- L. L. Bean // Chinos- Brooks Brothers

Watch- Timex // Rope- Lemon & Line

Sweater & Chambray Shirt- J. Crew // Vest- Woolrich

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fair Well

Homonyms are fun aren't they? Like or, oar, and ore.. Words that sound the same but have different meanings- grammar can be kind of fun..... you know? If you'll pardon my total nerd moment, you'll realize that Farewell and Fair Well are kind of homonyms and even though 'fair well' is about as grammatically incorrect as Apple's famous 'Think Different' campaign, I'm sure you get the gist and can come join me in welcoming seasonal sweaters to my rotation.

Jacket- Ernest Alexander // Sunnies- Warby Parker // Sweater- J. Crew // Shirt- Frank & Oak

Watch- Timex from Huckberry // Rope- Kiel James Patrick //

Boots- Clark's // Socks- Rugby // Cords- Brooks Brothers 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello Again

For this piece the phrase "Hello" is referring to two things. First- a hardy welcome to a steady fall, although the days may be warmer than the nights, the trend is trending downward and it's not summer anymore Toto- though with it almost being November- this should come as no surprise. The second hello is graciously extended to my neckwear in the bow tie (or bow ties in general) that I have not been sporting in the recent days.

 For the record, if you're looking for a solid pair of tailored flannels without spending a fortune look no further than the pair I'm sporting. They are a lighter version of last year's this, and trust me you cannot go wrong.

Blazer- Zara // Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger // Pocket Square- PastThePocket // Bow Tie- York Street (J. Press X Ovadia & Sons //  

Watch- Invicta // Rope- Lemon & Line