Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#BlameIt on the weather.....

Rain is cool, rain is fun, I feel indifferent to rain... As much as I prefer it to snow and below-freezing temps- I just want to see the sun once this year.... That's all I'm asking.


         Blazer, Pants, & Shirt- Brooks Brothers || Tie- J. Crew || Double Monks- Banana Republic

#madmen is coming

However grammatically incorrect the title may seem (but isn't), the essence rings true and I can't wait until one of my favorite shows brings the series home. Though I will be sad that it's over, I can't thank the cast and crew enough for what they have done to the menswear world. Thank you Don Draper and co. 


 Suit- Perry Ellis || Shirt & Tie- Brooks Brothers || Sunnies- Ray-Ban || Double Monks- Banana Republic

Monday, March 30, 2015

Come 'Round Again

If Saturday's foray back into a suit was a need to purport an energy I needed, Sunday was for love of the game. I love this suit. It's my favorite. It only beats out my Bonobos' Navy Seersucker for the sole reason that I can wear this one all year round. 

Even though I ditched the jacket and tie during the brunch shift and kept things loose and fun, Sunday night I had a pre-planned engagement, and the evening called for something nice. With a Thai dinner on tap and then an exploration to a modern-day speakeasy- dressing for the latter (and the evening) required something between formal and looking put-together. Needless to say, with this combination, the evening was spectacular. 

       Suit & Shirt- Brooks Brothers || Double Monks- Banana Republic || Watch- Invicta || Tie- Gucci 


Back At It.... Sort Of...

Even though it's been a minute since I have posted on this medium, if you've followed my Instagram, you know that I didn't die. However, during my extended leave of absence, I had a lot of time to think, relax, and focus on my job. The abscense from this world paid off in a new position and many new opportunities. However, even though I may still consider myself a borderline sneakerhead, there will always come a time when a suit seems called for and with that in mind, Saturday night seemed like a perfect opportunity. 

With the glamour of New York City nightlife and trying to successfully finish out a 14 hour workday, I took a brief trip home and exchanged my chinos, Jordan's, and tee for this custom, 3-pc, Indochino number. 

Even though I may have missed out on a few trends, a suit will always be a suit and with this suit's classic design, I felt right back to my hold habits. It felt good. 


Suit- Indochino || Shirt, Tie, & Socks- Brooks Brothers || Footwear- Banana Republic || Watch- Invicta || Pocket Square- Past the Pocket