Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Properly Textured

With every season comes a new chance to dive into some new textures. Beyond the wool and cotton that are most prevalent in any season, fall and winter give a chance to bring out the heavier wools, suede, cashmere, and other fine knits that help to keep us warm when the days start to get colder and colder. In today's outfit you'll find a heavier wool in the pocket square, tie, and pants, suede in the double monks, and a heavier cotton in the oxford and argyle socks. Beyond warmth, the comfort of these materials is unsurpassed so even if it ends up being a colder night, at least I won't notice it as much.

Blazer- Zara // Trousers, Pocket Square, & Shirt- Brooks Brothers

Tie- Tommy Hilfiger // Sunnies- Warby Parker

Watch- Invicta // Rope- Lemon & Line

Socks- Uniqlo // Monks- Banana Republic

Trend Watch- NATO Straps

Sometimes in fashion (men's or women's) things can tend to all look.... the same. Suits start to blend together, accessories can start to only be distinguished by the tag they were presented with, and things can become boring very quickly. However, thanks to the military, we have something to change it up with: the NATO strap.

Even though the military has always had a profound impact on the world of style in everything from boots, camo, cargos, white tees, and jackets; sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Details such as brass buttons on blazers and epaulets on outerwear can bring the slightest, yet most recognizable bit of change that is sorely needed to turn that charcoal grey overcoat into something that everyone wants.

However, unlike epaulets and brass buttons which can be a little tricky, if not impossible, to change out, the NATO strap is as interchangeable as your shirt. (By the way, GearPatrol has an excellent write-up on the history behind the NATO.) Provided that you have a watch with the capabilities to perform the simple task, your off-the-shelf $40 watch is now something with a little customizable flair. Further with everyone selling them from Timex to J. Crew to CheapestNatoStraps- they are easier to get a hold of than ever before. (...and no, this is not a recent change, it's something that has been going on for awhile, and I just decided to craft a little ode of appreciation for a military-inspired trend that I can fully support.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Maybe it's just me and a particular brand of specificity that I find myself accursed with, but after awhile I find myself wanting to stock up and then it happens- everything I see just feels the same. Even if I find something that I like it probably takes me less than 2 seconds and I already know if it's a go/no-go and/or what I would rather have it look like. One less button here, peak lapels over notch, two vents over one. contrast collar, stripes over gingham, etc. It never ends. Even though this is more often the case with shirts and shoes, after buying enough suits, I found myself in a quandary. WHY ON EARTH would I pay the prices retailers are asking when I could pay roughly the same amount and get exactly what I want? Though I suppose the fear of trends and short attention spans victimizes us all, I thought I'd play it relatively safe the first time through and see how it goes.

ENTER INDOCHINO. . . One of the leading retailers in online custom suiting, I waited until they opened up shop in SoHo and then decided to give them a try. Although this story doesn't end here, this suit is a product of that process and needless to say, I think it turned out pretty well. (DON'T WORRY- I'll do a more in depth write-up soon enough, but for now here you are!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gust Of Wind

Although the rain is gone, there is still a damp chill in the air that says it might rain again. However, even though no rain is predicted the quiet breezes and outright gusts of wind make things seem much more unpredictable and drastic than they really are. However, once you really get out there it's not that bad and it actually is a perfect late October day. 

 Shirt, Pocket Square, & Chinos- Brooks Brothers // Jacket- J. Crew // Monk Straps- Banana Republic

Watch- Invicta // Rope- Lemon & Line 

Tie- Ernest Alexander // Tie Bar- (thrifted) // Pocket Square- Brooks Brothers