Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Suiting: Separated

As I have discussed before (with varying views), I am not really a fan of breaking apart my suits to wear the jacket here and the pants there and such and such. However, I have made the case that seasonal suiting (especially that of Spring and Summer), makes bending the rules a lot easier because the fabrics are more conducive to pairing with other more casual fabrics. And so I took it upon myself to prove the theory right with my blue seersucker suit from Bonobos.

1. Together- When worn together this suit is a beast and easily my favorite suit. From fit to feel to form and function, this suit has it all when spring and summer come calling. When it comes to pairing it with my favorite suede double monks and a few uber-seasonal ties, it makes this suiting special a winning combination.

2. Tops- I'll admit I had "no" choice when it came to sporting the top alone, as I was in the OBX for a night out and I had nothing to pair with the white OCBD and yellow chinos. However, once I decided to bend the rules and throw the jacket on, I never looked back! For summer combinations, this jacket is perfect as the deep navy helps to center the go-to-hell yellow, salmon, or white pants I may find myself diving into.

Bottoms- These were the trickiest for absolutely no reason at all! If I had kept in better touch with my sartorial leanings this summer, I would have paired the pants with the bucks shown below, my cream linen jacket, any shirt, and been ready for a night out. However, I did not, and as a result, this is pretty much the most boring way the trousers can be worn alone.

So go ahead, have fun!

The Plaid Pheasant

In honor of the changing seasons and the first day of October, I decided to anchor the get-up around the distinctly autumnal tie. With its darker red hue and repeating pheasant pattern, this tie was made with fall in mind. Even though the temperatures will drop and layering will become a daily routine soon enough, for right now I'm still happy to be jogging into fall piece by piece- a cardigan here, a tie there, makes fall seem closer and closer with each falling leaf.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cream & Sugar

As you may be aware of by now, it's International Coffee Day- or something that celebrates my favorite beverage. Black, cream and sugar, french vanilla, hazelnut, dark roast, Italian roast, blonde roast, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Oslo, or Toby's Estate- it does not matter. I LOVE COFFEE. It's the legal drug that opens my eyes in the morning and keeps me going all day. In honor of this beautiful, bean-based beverage, I took my shoot inside to fully appreciate the life-saver.

Sartorially speaking though, I took advantage of the weather by sporting some corduroys, chukka boots and this awesome J. Crew Ludlow jacket. I haven't thrown on this jacket in awhile, and I have no idea why. It's been a part of my closet for almost a year now, and I am so thankful that my friend and I wandered into that J. Crew store in Boston.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Once upon a time there was a sale, and I wanted a suit. The suit was on sale for less than what I ended up paying in alteration costs and even with the added costs built in, it still came out to a great deal. The only problem lies in how heavy the wool is! Instead of the 3-season 120's wool that I thought I was getting, it turned out to be a much heavier fabric and is very similar to a flannel. With that being said, don't be surprised if you ever see me rocking this suit as separates. As much as I hate to wear my suits apart, I am willing to make some exceptions and this suit could very well fall into that case.