Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Warned You || 04.21.14

I said awhile back that I really wouldn't have a problem wearing this outfit everyday. However, I didn't want to bore the readership so I decided to mix things up and go with the denim jacket over the wax number for today.

Jacket- J. Crew // Socks & Chinos- Brooks Brothers // Laces- hook & ALBERT // Shirt- Ernest Alexander // Boots- Clark's // Watch- Timex // Rope- Lemon & Line //

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter | 04.20.14

Yesterday was easter. Happy Easter. In celebration of Easter (which is also in itself a minor celebration of spring), I decided to bring out spring in full force with the mint green shirt, floral bow tie, Nantucket red chinos, & nautical striped socks.

 Also, check out this new Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelet that I just ordered from Lemon & Line. It's very reminiscent of growing up back home and fits right into any spring or summer ensemble.
Chinos & Shirt- Brooks Brothers // Watch- Timex // Rope- Lemon & Line // Socks- J. Crew // Boots- Clark's // Blazer- Zara // Bow Tie- Briggs (thrifted, vintage)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Goodbye Shirt || 04.19.14

This is what I wore on Saturday. Sadly, this will be the last picture of this shirt. Due to a series of rather unfortunate events, this shirt has passed from usefulness and found it's way into the garbage after a long and useful life. Goodbye shirt.

Watch- Timex // Rope- Kiel James Patrick // Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger // Chinos- Brooks Brothers // Shoes- VANS // Jacket- J. Crew


This was Friday's outfit.

Socks- Rugby // Watch- Timex // Boots- Clark's // Cords- Brooks Brothers // Shirt- Frank & Oak // Jacket- Ernest Alexander // Rope- Lemon & Line