Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can't Repeat the Past? 09.16.14

Why of course you can! Although the line is most famously from The Great Gatsby, I found myself echoing those thoughts yesterday as I pulled some more fall oriented layers out from the depths of my closet. In a look that's eerily similar to this one, I don't really mind repeating an outfit if it does the trick to help and pull me out of my allergy-induced drowsiness and give me that extra bit of warmth.


Maybe it's just the deep cover of drowsiness that my allergies have thrown me into, but this year the colder temperatures seem to be off to a quick start, no? Although hot days and cool nights are the trademarks of fall, where are the hotter days? Don't get wrong, the change from the sweat-your-pants-off in the humidity to walking without a soaking is really nice- I just really don't want a cold winter.

However, sartorially speaking, I'm not complaining- I love #sweaterweather. Plus, with all the fall lines out and about, an itch has developed in my wallet- time to stock up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Starting Out

A question I get asked a lot goes something like this, "Hey man, nice blog! How do you afford all of your clothes."

Before I drone on and on about how I acquired every piece in my wardrobe, hopefully I've streamlined this down enough to keep in informative, yet entertaining.

1. Find brands you love (for the right reasons- fit and affordability to your price range should be leading factors). When you have found those brands it's easier to shop the sales and also know what you're getting. Further it helps to avoid the impulse of buying something online that may not fit right and ends up wasting away on the shelves of your closet.

2. Do not be afraid of the stigma of certain brands. We can't all afford Saville Row or maybe even J. Crew's Ludlow. However, a $100 suit that is excellently tailored will look better than a $1000 suit that is not. That being said, don't be afraid to forego for a little bit so that you can invest in a better one a few months down the road. Quality will always pay off.

3. Do not be afraid of eBay, thrifting, consigning! It is honestly where I got 75-80% of all my ties, sport coats, and accessories. i.e.- a white linen pocket square at a thrift store back home costs $1. The cheapest from any store will cost at least $15-30.

4. Wait to find your style. When I first started out I made the mistake of thinking I liked a certain style (white ties, turquoise shirts, etc.) only to find out that I hated them and only bought them because they were on sale. It’s better to find a few pieces you love and expand on those. When it comes down to it, your are the biggest judge of your style. You will be the one stuck wearing your clothes and unless you have the budget of a billionaire playboy, some investments will become regrettable.

5. If you're starting out here are ten things you should buy.
  1. Suit- Preferably navy or gray (most versatile). Keep it simple- 2-button, notch lapel, and the vents are on you.
  2. Shirts- Keep one for work (Spread collar) and one a little more versatile (Button-Down collar), and keep them in easy colors like white, powder blue, or pink. They go with everything.
  3. Ties- At least two- keep it simple like dots or repp stripes.
  4. Good watch- Something that you like, but not too crazy. A good dress watch or dive watch will do just fine. If you're just starting out you CANNOT go wrong with a Timex Weekender. Most watches nowadays can be custom fit to you with the choice of a good NATO strap.
  5. Dress Pants- Charcoal, dark brown, navy, or black are good colors to start out with.
  6. Shoes- If you stick with the suit recommendation of navy of gray, then a quality pair of brown shoes with go very well with either color. Go for something basic like a wingtip or cap-toe.
  7. Belt- Make sure it doesn't spin or look like you've had it for a thousand years. Try to match the shade of your shoes.
  8. Coat- A quality overcoat goes a long way in protecting you and your clothes. For the winter a good trench, toggle, or pea coat can go a long way. (This is a serious investment piece- do not skimp on this!)
  9. Sport Coat- Although you can never go wrong with a navy blazer, a nice light brown/tan herringbone number will go a long way and pair well with the dress pants.
  10. Sunglasses, tie bars, cuff links, pocket squares, socks, and other various accessories are not necessary but help to define your personal style and make my recommendations unique to you.
Best of luck and reach out if I can ever help you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Stick with the classics, and they will stick with you. I know that there are so many shades, patterns, and colors that you can go with and choose, but when it comes down to it, I'll never feel more confident than I do when I am wearing my navy suit, powder blue shirt and burgundy repp tie.